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About ANC

• ANC is a multi-sector venture builder headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It is actively focused on building valuable private businesses and investing both in the private and public sectors.

• Started in 2019 in Waterloo, Ontario, ANC now engages in its Equities, Ventures, and Consulting division, and is soon to be celebrating its 5th year birthday.

Empowering the Future of Venture Building with a Diverse Team of Trailblazers.
Global Focus

We have a team hailing from North America, Asia, and Africa who are driving a change in venture building.

Disciplined Innovators

We are a collective of visionary, disciplined venture builders, shaping the future of entrepreneurship with our innovative mindset.

Diverse Impact

Our culture thrives on diversity, harnessing its strength to make a meaningful impact on the world.

ANC Equities

Unleashing Alpha with Quant-Driven Strategies

Founded in 2020, ANC Equities invest in global equities with a combination of quantitative and value-investing strategies.

Quantitative Trading
  • We harness the power of advanced algorithms and data-driven models to executive our quantitative trading strategies.
  • We leverage market trends and patterns for optimal investment outcomes.

Value-Driven Investing
  • We employ a disciplined approach focused on identifying undervalued assets and capitalizing on long-term growth opportunities.
  • We have a specific focus on technology-driven companies.
Proprietary Technology
  • We utilize state-of-the-art AI-driven programs for refined equities selections.
  • We optimized our order executions, and have a robust risk management system.
  • We enhanced our ability to navigate dynamic market conditions with precision.
ANC Ventures

Driving growth through startegic acquisitions and active management

Acquire and Conquer
  • ANC Ventures acquires and actively manages technology companies in sectors such as SaaS, Fin-Tech, and Healthcare.
  • We focus on bootstrapped enterprises with proven revenue generation.
Value-Add Partner
  • We are a dedicated team boasting decades of combined experience in venture and startups.
  • We bring invaluable insights and resources to accelerate the growth and success of acquired businesses.
Unleash Potential
  • Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business.
  • We offer opportunities for strategic financing opportunities, market expansions, and more.
  • We offer a lot to companies that prefer our actively management approach.
ANC Consulting

Empowering tech startups with strategic guidance and growth solutions

Business Optimization
  • ANC Consulting helps tech startups build better businesses by helping refine business models and optimize operations.
  • We identify growth opportunities to enhance scalability and productivity.
Accelerating Success
  • We assist startups in navigating the competitive landscape of accelerators, financing partners, and VCs.
  • We provide valuable insights and support to increase their chances of acceptance into renowned programs.
Funding and Financing Expertise
  • ANC offers comprehensive assistance in fundraising and venture financing rounds, guiding startups through the process.
  • We connect them with potential investors, and helping them secure the necessary capital for their growth.
Strategic Pathways
  • Our team leverages their expertise in areas such as tax, accounting, and immigration laws.
  • We help startups navigate strategic pathways and maximize their advantages for sustainable growth.

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