ANC Ventures

to Build
Lasting Value

  • With a long-term growth approach, we help founders forge their unique success path.

  • ANC Ventures purchase profitable, self-funded SaaS, Fin-Tech and Healhcare startups.

  • We are reshaping venture investment.

Disrupting the Traditional VC Model We are huge believers in Sustainable Growth..

  • We are skeptics of standard VC models which rely on future fundings and valuations.

  • Our team and advisors focus on long-term wealth and value creation, not valuations.

  • We offer an alternative, helping founders build enduring private value without the pressure.

Our Unique Approach  
We are Value-Add Partners for Ambitions and Capable Founders.

  • We acquire profitable, post-revenue tech startups and be their strategic value-add partner.

  • Like Berkshire, we focus on creating enduring value, but in the private markets.

  • ANC’s team and advisors use their unique skillsets to fuel companies’ success and growth.

Where We Came From -
The Journey of SimpleDirect  
We are Bootstrapped Founders Ourselves.

  • Our start-up SimpleDirect turned down venture capital to pursue a fully bootstrapped path.

  • It grew sustainably from 2019 to 2023, surpassed their venture-backed peers.

  • We built ANC Ventures from the revenue of SimpleDirect, to help other founders to success.

Our Acquisition Criteria  
We selectively acquire tech-driven companies that demonstrate both revenue and potential.

Our acquisition criteria include:
  • Tech-driven businesses in sectors like SaaS, Fin-Tech, and Healthcare.

  • Minimum annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $100k USD.

  • Bootstrapped businesses, though exceptions can be considered.

  • Serving customers in the United States and/or Canada.

Strategic Investments
ANC Ventures also makes strategic venture investments to unlock potential.

  • While focusing on acquisitions, we also make strategic VC investments.

  • Through checks from $10-50k USD, we help founders navigate a sustainable growth path.

  • Be in touch and share us your materials to get started.

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